As we pursue the sport we love, we often place ourselves in hazardous situations. The Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen Board supports an informative corner to sharpen our be smart and safe behaviors.

High Water River Safety
From various online and written sources

Rivers can be dangerous. With each high water, flood, or summer melt, trees, branches, and debris are moved around in the river, creating snags and strainers. A person caught in a snag (single tree or root ball) or strainer (multiple trees and branches) will be pinned by the force of the river current. River channels may change with the season, becoming more powerful in some areas.

Knowing River Dangers:
Moving water presents many dangers, some hidden.
Currents - even a mild current is extremely powerful. The force of moving water can pin a person's leg against a rock in mid stream, leaving them stranded.
Snags - these are single trees or root balls in the river.
Strainers - a strainer is just that - trees, branches, and debris that has current moving through them. The water can pass through, but large objects, people, cannot. A raft, kayak, or person will be pinned against the strainer and stay there.

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