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Vacancies on SCFF Board
By Webmaster and Newsletter Publisher Pat Steele

Traditionally, the Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen does not begin the process of filling officers and board positions for the coming year until November, when nominations are made from the floor of the general meeting. This year, however, we are going to have to begin the process earlier than November, due to the critical vacancies we face going into 2018.
The following officer and board positions that will be vacant beginning in February 2018 are: President, Secretary, and Programs Director.
The president's job is obvious; he or she is charged with presiding over our general club meetings and our monthly board meetings, and representing our club at public events, such as the Patagonia Night cross promotion event usually held in April, the public education day at Quail Hollow Ranch, held in May, and whatever other events occur during the calendar year.
The secretary's job is to attend both general club meetings and board meetings and record what business we discuss, transcribe his/her notes and make them available online or by e-mail, and keep them as record of our business.
The Programs Director's job is to procure speakers for our general meetings, contacting prospective speakers and making arrangements for them to appear at general club meetings. This job is more critical than it appears, as attendance at club meetings is directly proportional to interest in the speakers. Whoever volunteers for this job should be willing to persevere and insure both that we get reliable, interesting speakers, and that whomever they get is within the club's budget.
If all this sounds rather daunting, please be reassured that those of us who remain on the board will be more than willing to assist you in whatever way you require. The most important qualification to any and all of these positions is reliability. While we don't want to sugar-coat or minimize the effort required, we don't want to discourage any of you who are willing to commit to taking on a board position, and we all stand ready to help you.
If you value the club, if you've benefited from the free fly tying classes, enjoyed some of the speakers, gotten valuable help learning to fly cast, made some new fly fishing friends, gone on some fun fly fishing outings, eaten a delicious hot dog or hamburger at a barbecue, gotten a chuckle from a cartoon on our website or in the newsletter, then please seriously consider volunteering to be on the board. The only vacant officer position on the board that has to be filled by someone already on the board is that of President; all the others can be filled by nominations from the general membership, which are formally taken in November. In the meantime, think hard about it. It is a crucial element in the governance of the club, and you just might enjoy getting more involved with how the club is run.

* NOTE: If you would like to have your name placed in nomination for the board, contact Pat Steele, or any of the other board members.

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