August Surf Fishout
By Fishmaster Mark Traugott

Just three intrepid fishers made the trek to Rio Del Mar for the monthly surf fishout. Elaine Cook was the only one of us to land fish (four surf perch), though Robert Eberle hooked and lost a striped bass. The surf break was mild and the water only slightly colored by algae growth. The early hour and a bit of fog kept the other beach-goers to a minimum, so we mainly had to contend with competition from pelicans and terns and the occasional harbor seal. Whether or not you land a fish, the treasures we have right on our doorstep make it worth coming out to stand briefly in the waves and cast a fly.

Our 2017 Loreto Trip
By Fishmaster Rich Hughett

The year's trip down to Baja had its high points and a tragic low point. One high point was that it was the first time in three years the Dorado were plentiful and ready to charge a streamer fly. The low point came when I learned that my dear friend and fishing buddy Gary Hazelton had been killed. We enjoyed many fishing experiences together, on the Trinity, Lower Sac, Mammoth Lakes and of course, in Baja, where we had some very exciting times, topped two years ago when Gary fought a 180 pound Marlin on 20 pound test for just under an hour.
Joining me on this year's Loreto trip were Shawn O'Leary, Ron Antipa, Tim Downey, and Robert and Nancy Eberle. Fishing from 24 foot pangas for the three days, we hooked many Dorado, Bonito, Skipjack, a few Needlefish and even a Roosterfish. The opening day thrill for yours truly was landing a 25 pound bull Dorado, a fish we kept for dinner that first night. Our hotel, La Mision, prepared it in two ways (they could have done four) and served it with a variety of tasty sauces, along with salad, beans and rice. We started off our meal with a toast to Gary, and then dug in to a fantastic feast that I know he would have thoroughly enjoyed.
There is no comparison to Dorado for fighting and eating, and next year I plan to return to Loreto the later part of July, hoping to match this year's fishing experience. It was one of the best I've had since my first trip to this sleepy, small fishing village in 1985.

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