Marabou Spey
Submitted by Elaine Cook

This is a simple steelhead and salmon fly. Don't be afraid to try this one in your vise. It can be tied in various colors.

Hook:Partridge Bartleet Supreme, salmon, size 2, Mustad, or other salmon fly hook
Thread:UTC black 70
Rib:Uni-French oval silver, medium
Body:Ice dub, peacock black
Collar:1. Select marabou blue
2. Select marabou black
3. Strung Guinea dyed baby blue

1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach thread slightly in front of the return eye (the return of the wire from the eye).
3. Wrap thread to rear to just beyond hook point when thread hangs.
4. Attach rib on under side of hook, wrap in place up to mid shank. Wrap thread back to tie in of rib.
5. Wet thread before attaching dubbing. Dub robust body up to thread and tie in.
6. Rib body in 4 - 5 wraps. Tie off, cut leaving a short tag. Tie down tag to shank. Wrap thread back to body.
7. Select one blue marabou feather. Strip rear barbs off stem so that 3 - 4 inches of stem have barbs. Apply saliva to one inch of tip. Position on hook, wet fibers in front of body, stem to rear and convex curve of feather toward you. Tie in place with several touching wraps forward. Fold wet tip backward and tie in place with touching wraps back to body. Trim tip. Wrap thread to eye.
8. Wrap marabou forward with touching wraps stroking barbs to rear with each wrap. When barbs end, back thread up then tie off stem on bottom of shank. Cut excess.
9. If there were some barbs that were trapped near body, using bodkin parallel to table pick out from hook eye end.
10. Following steps 7, 8, & 9, attach second (black) color. DO NOT CROWD EYE!.
11. Following steps 7, 8, & 9 attach guinea hen feather. Finish at hook eye.
12. Holding guinea barbs to rear, tie small smooth thread head.
13. Whip finish. Cut thread. Apply Super-Glue to head.

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