Upcoming Fishing Outings

October Surf Fishout - Saturday, Oct. 7th
Fishmaster: Mark Traugott - (831) 338-6056

For the October 7 surf fishout, we are going to try a new location: New Brighton State Beach in Capitola (directions below.) Low tide will occur around 5:45 A.M., and we will meet at 6:00. This beach is a little different from most of those we fish as it has almost no underwater "structure". It often has a slight undertow (so a life vest of some kind is a good idea), but it is somewhat protected from large waves coming from the west. A six- or seven-weight rod is best, equipped with a floating or intermediate line, but bring what you have. The most effective flies tend to be baitfish imitations like Clousers (#2 hooks or larger in white and chartreuse, for example) or anything that resembles an anchovy. I'll bring some samples. You can also try any of your standby surf flies, but this beach rarely produces surf perch, whereas fly anglers will occasionally hook a striped bass or even a small halibut.
Directions: Take the Park Ave. exit from Highway 1 and head south on Park Ave. toward Capitola and the Ocean. At the first stop sign, do not turn left toward New Brighton State Park (as the park does not open until 8 A.M.) Instead, continue straight for another quarter mile to a second stop sign at Coronado St. Turn right onto Coronado and park on the street in that first block. If you arrive on time, we will all proceed to the beach together. If you are late, come find us by crossing Park Ave. and finding the foot path that crosses the railroad tracks and takes you to the New Brighton parking lot. From there, just head downhill toward the ocean and you can't miss us.

Annual Striped Bass Fishout - Oct 19-21
Fishmaster: Steve Rudzinski

This is a barebones old -fashioned style camp out. You can see the outhouses to your left after you cross the spillway channel bridge at the forebay. Take the Highway 152 turn off at highway 33 exit to Santa Nella. (there is a market and gas and ice to the right; otherwise turn left). Proceed 1/4 mile only and turn left, to enter Medeiros primitive campground. Be forewarned that all of your float tube gear must be completely dry, you will have to take it out of the vehicle to show them on the ground and they search carefully most of the time, and can turn you away if you fail the test. Seniors get a few bucks off the daily fee. It's best to pay in full if you are staying a couple or three days.
We all had excellent times in the past at this "down homey" fishout. Last year it rained and blew hard but the fishing was great. We will have a little kitchen with propane stove and BBQ I built after looking at Jim Hall's set up in the past. All campers/fishermen bring food for themselves and maybe to share cooking duties one night like we did last year. (there were only three of us). I will contact those signing up for details closer to the event.
Look for the club banner as I will try hard to get the site at the far end of the road near the power tower islands. I will arrive Thursday early and start setting up the kitchen area and put up some wind break tarps. One or two other helpers would be great.
Any new fisher/people who have never fished here or are new to float tube fishing be sure to let me know so we can plan a few things out before you show up. I will have some of my favorite flash flies available that I got over 75 fish on one day and over 100 before it finally fell apart and still would catch fish. I am taking a class with Lee Haskin the week before the fishout so will have some good fresh tips to share with the group.
Please bring some firewood you may have hanging around or a bundle of oak they sell at the stores. I found an old washing machine tub that makes the best fire ring ever, it keeps more people warm than the ones provided at the camp. A good folding chair also a must. Be aware that ants can be very bad at times, last year the rains took care of that. I found that a little bit of blue Dawn soap in a bottle of water with a spray nozzle and spray the picnic table legs and anything else you don't want the ants inside. I found this to work. One year the ants got inside my camper van when I spilled a sweet drink. They came home with me that year.
The sign up sheet will be on the side table at the meeting, hoping we have a great turnout this year; it's really the best way to make new friends. Contact me via email: ssrudzinski@gmail.com or land line (831) 462-4532.
Best wishes for the most fishes!

Pyramid Lake Fishout-Mar. 18th-24th 2018
Fishmaster: Mike White - (831) 706-5556

The Pyramid Lake fishout is one of the best-attended fishouts the club has, and for a good reason. Large fish cruise parallel to the shore in easy casting distance from shore. Cost for the week including meals and lodging and is around $300+ per person depending on the number in attendance. You need not fish all six days as there may be openings (usually later in the week.) Contact Mike for more details (831) 706-5556, to check on openings, or be put on a waiting list. First come first served.
You can also make your own arrangements either by bringing your own RV (Crosby's Lodge has hook-ups and sells permits to park on the any of the beaches along the lake) or staying in Reno. Reno is 45 minutes away. Call Crosby's lodge to inquire about last minute cancellations in their cabins as well (775) 476-0400 and check out their website to see what the cabins look like at www.crosbylodge.net. The General Store in Sutcliff offers meals on selected nights only to those who call in before 2:00 PM. Check at the General Store for details.
Equipment: 6-9 weight rods with hi-speed, hi-D shooting heads or fast sink integrated lines to fish the bottom in 6 to 9 feet of water, and a floating line for indicator fishing. You should bring a stripping basket and a ladder that will accommodate it. A ladder helps to get you up out of the cold water and enable you to cast out to where the fish are. You can still catch fish without one but not with near as much consistency.
Flies: Woolly buggers in black, white, purple, olive, midge, caddis and mayfly nymphs to name a few. If as in years past the Confab in February is offering the opportunity to see how some of the best Pyramid patterns are made plan to attend and bring a vise and tie some yourself. Flies may also available from club member Jim Hall who ties some very good flies specific to Pyramid cutthroat as well as other species at reasonable cost. His number is (831) 713-6835. There is a general store with provisions as well as tackle and an assortment of flies.
How to get there: Take US 80 to Reno-Sparks, take the Pyramid Blvd. off ramp and go north about 35 miles. Crosby Lodge is at Sutcliff, near the Ranger Station.
If you have any questions about equipment or how to get there, check the "Gearing up" columns in the March 2015-2016 archives here on our great club website, or call Mike White at (831) 706-5556.
If you are considering going to Pyramid again this year with the club and you have not already done so, please contact the person who is booking the trailer you stayed in last year. Trailer-masters, if your trailer has gaps or cancellations, you can call Mike so he can pass the names of members who don't have lodging to fill the empty spots.
Fishing, Camping, and New Ladder Regulation:
Fishing and camping permits can be purchased online prior to the fish-out. We would highly recommend doing this. Go to www.plpt.nsn.us to obtain your licenses. There is also an RV Park available at (775) 476-1155.
As with any great fishery there are always a long list of rules and regulations. We would recommend you review them on the website above. Suffice to say those of us who have been going to Pyramid Lake for many years are a good source of information as well. We will help inform and guide all newcomers.
15.6 USE OF LADDERS, ETC. Any ladders, milk crates, boxes or other objects used in the water as a fishing aid must be occupied or closely attended (i.e. remain in the area) by fishermen at all times.

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