Monthly Raffle

Fall Fishing Gear
By Monthly Raffle Director Jeff Goyert

Time to get ready for our big winter steelhead and Delta Stripers; what better way to this than a new rod and reel?
We have a new "V-access" 9 foot 8 weight medium fast action rod. It comes in a cloth covered hard case with a card holding slot and an adjustibe shoulder strap. The medium length grip provides great control, the hook keeper and fighting butt are both nice touches. Each section of the rod is marked with a single dot the makes assembly and alignment accurate and easy. The single wire snake guides cast smoothly with great line speed. This is a great beginner set up or a back-up rig for your next trip up north.

Danvise Rotary Vise: quality from Denmark results in efficient time spent at the tying bench. This vise gives you complete control of fly tying from start to finish. A demo video by Al and Gretchen Beatty is available on line. This vise can provide the basic start up for the beginner or a supplement to the advanced tier.

West Marine inflatable personal flotation device: This is an item that anyone fishing out of a float tube, pontoon boat, pram, or any vessel for that matter should not be without. Not a bad idea to wear one when fishing the surf. This PFD features both automatic and manual inflation functions and is lightweight with a low profile design with a comfortable wide neckline. Buy a raffle ticket and be safe on the water.

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