Sept./October 2017
By Interim President Tom Hogye

All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full.
When I was first the Conservation Chair, the internet did not exist. E-mail was something wholly new, putting the "fax machine" in peril.
When I was President the first time, Facebook did not exist, you couldn't fix your car from a You Tube video and iPhone wasn't a word.
I don't know why I love the fish, the birds, and wild, open and natural spaces the way I do. Not sure why I'm so bent up when these things get out of kilter, abused. Maybe it's because they are underdogs and because I've always sort of looked at myself as an underdog-the small, wiry, yappy kind. Maybe it's just because it's the gift and I'm good at it.
I know why I like fly fishing-or fishing in general. But most especially, fly fishing. Never forget the first time Mona and I encountered two older gents fly fishing the Stanislaus and how beautifully quiet and artistic, peaceful it was. I like it because it affords me that solitude we all long for. Even when we meet together as a group, we all still quietly, without notice, want to move upstream, or down, or pull off to the side, sit a spell, and just be, or savor the moment of the fish that came to fly, and allowed us that chance to marvel at their beauty just under the surface of the water.
This solace is not something we can take for granted anymore. It becomes less and less as we continue to roof and pave over this planet, considering open space and wild rivers just another empty space for apartments and drinking water.
For over 40 years, people like the Steele's, Cook's, Powers', Petersons', Kinzli's, Gutierrez's, and many others, have literally dedicated their lives to fly fishing and all it encompasses. Forty years of coming together for that which all of us reading are inclined to; fly fishing and our wild and scenic waterways. Forty years!
My hope is to cultivate the foundations for another successful 40 years of SCFF. For this purpose of preserving that feeling inside when you're getting ready for a trip, for just a few hours, or a few weeks (or months!). To preserve (and restore) these Pacific coast waterways, most especially right in our back yard, and offer our help wherever else that might be. To have fun, which fly fishing is; this strange throwing and unfolding of line, delivering the tiniest projectiles to a target in the midst of all sorts of obstacles, The excitement of fly in the right place, fish in the right place and where it all just comes together. Where you hoot and holler, or perhaps just quietly smile, bowing a thank you for all things present, and on to the next.

Let's get busy!

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