The Smolt Attractor
Submitted by Elaine Cook

Before the baby Steelhead (smolts) go to sea with the first winter rains, which of course also bring in the adults, going for the little guys can be a kick. Here's a fly that has proved very successful in the past in central California coastal streams. This is a very easy fly to tie, so no excuse to not have a few in your box.

Hook:TMC or TFS 100 (size 16)
Thread:Black 6/0 or 8/0
Flash:Rainbow Krystal Flash
Body:Glo Bug yarn, red/orange, salmon or peach, or a combination of the three

1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach thread behind eye. Leave thread hanging one eye length behind eye.
3. Select 5 strands of Krystal Flash. Cut in half and stack on top of one another. Place on top of shank with center of bundle overhanging thread. Make three thread wraps, fold forward fibers back and tie down to 2 eye lengths behind eye. Cut so flash extends a hook length beyond hook.
4. Separate length of yarn in half. Using one piece, securely tie one end behind eye. While pinching yarn top to bottom, cut at an angle (see diagram).
5. Wrap thread head.
6. Whip finish, cut thread, apply small amount Super Glue or Zap-a Gap.

Use 1/4 length of peach yarn and 1/4 length of red/orange yarn. Stack on one another. Then tie in and proceed as instructed.
2. Use 1/4 length salmon and 1/4 length peach.

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