Orange Stick with Bead Chain Eyes
Submitted by Elaine Cook

Have you tried your luck in the surf yet? Well here's a fly to take with you when you do. When others aren't catching fish, you may find this fly gives you success. This can be tied in other colors, but orange seems to be very important for catching surf perch.

Hook:TMC 5263, size 6
Thread:Red 6/0
Eyes:Small bead chain
Tail:Spooled orange Antron
Body:Medium orange chenille
Head:Red thread

1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach thread behind hook eye. Wrap touching thread wraps 1/3 back on shank, then forward to 2 hook eye lengths back from eye.
3. Cut bead chain in 2 ball sections. Attach to top of shank with figure 8 and encircling wraps around underside of bead chain eyes. Apply Super Glue.
4. Cut 2 1/2" piece of Antron. Attach center behind bead chain eyes. Fold both halves back on top of the of shank. Wrap in place back to rear of shank. Cut tail length equal to 1/2 hook shank.
5. Advance thread to in front of bead chain eyes. Attach chenille. Lay down on top of shank. Attach back to rear of shank. Advance thread to one hook eye length behind hook eye. Wrap chenille forward in touching wraps with one final wrap in front of bead chain. Tie off; cut excess.
6. Wrap small red thread head. Whip finish, cut thread. Apply Super Glue to head.

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