Monthly Raffle

March Gear
By Monthly Raffle Director Jeff Goyert

What does March mean to us? March Madness? No! it means Pyramid Lake! (although the weather sometimes borders on madness). Anyway, it is time to get ready to head to the big lake and hook into some of those big Lahontan Cutthroat trout.
As we all know, or at least we have all heard, these fish can be big bruisers and that one needs to gear up a bit to be in the game. With that in mind we have a great Pyramid rig consisting of a 9-foot 7 weight "High Carbon" Blackstar rod from Maxcatch. This rod is a 4 piece with a nice fighting butt and is matched with an Avid 7/8 CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum frame mid-arbor reel. The Teflon disc/stainless drag system has a one-way clutch bearing for smooth and immediate drag engagement. You don't want to go to this fish fight with a 4 weight.
Now that you have hooked up one of these big bad boys and you have got Troutzillia nearly up to your ladder, what's next? Hopefully you have the right net to finish the job. Rather than the pretty little trout net you use on the West Fork of the Carson River you need something with some reach and some heft. Take a look at this long handle heavy net from Drifter Marine. The 22- inch handle allows you to fight your fish from your ladder and the heavy rubber basket reduces the chance of fish injury upon release. Don't be the guy everybody up and down the line laughs at chasing their fish around their ladder with the wrong size net.
Did I mention the weather? Anybody who has spent much time on this high desert inland ocean knows that things can sometimes get a little extreme. A nice addition to the usual gloves, hat, turtlenecks, and long underwear is a protective face and neck buff. Not only will this buff help keep you warm when that ugly northwest wind rolls in, it will also protect sensitive skin from the blazing sun and blowing sand. One caution, don't forget to take the buff off when you walk into the convenience store on your way home; most of those clerks have guns!
Don't forget the Door Prize drawing, everybody gets a free ticket! Some of the best action at Pyramid happens right at first light; this means that you must be on your ladder and ready to fish at that magic moment. A headlamp always makes it easier to rig rods and tie on flies before the sun comes up. we have for a prize a nice Dorcy 200 lumens headlamp. It will project a 100 meter beam, has a pivoting head, and very important at Pyramid Lake, is water resistant. The headlamp has both high and low settings and powered by 3 AAA batteries that are included.

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