SCFFNews-Fishy Tales

* Tsiu River, Alaska - Sept. 16-23 - Pat and John Steele

We almost didn't make this trip, owing to some confusion about departure dates, and we owe a big debt of gratitude to Bob Peterson, who stopped by the Friday before we were scheduled to leave and cleared up our confusion.

Our compliment of salmon fishers included John and myself, Bob Peterson, and new to the Tsiu River, Bob Ransdell. We shared a three-bedroom cabin, which was cozy.
The weather on the Tsiu River is typically wet and rainy, but this year, a lot of rain came in August, and then stopped. We spent a week in sunshine, which, while pleasant, doesn't drive the fish upriver as does a good rain. We fished right down by the river mouth, where it empties into Prince William Sound, braving ocean swells that came up river when the waves were crashing on the beach. It made for some rather dicey footing, and the fish would come in waves as well. We all limited every day, but not as easily as in years past. Bob Peterson caught a nice 16-pounder, and John caught one almost that big.
This river is wealthy in fish, regardless of the weather, and they are bright silver, firm, and feisty, so you know the dinner served at the Annual Fund Raiser will be stellar!

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