The Bunny Stripper
Submitted by Elaine Cook

This streamer pattern simulates a bait fish or large nymph such as a dragonfly. Trout, steelhead and bass can find this irresistible. Use a sinking or floating line. The weight will make the fly sink. Strip to entice a strike.

Hook:TMC 5263, size 6
Thread:Black 6/0 monocord, flat wax nylon, or other sturdy thread
Eyes:Silver bead chain eyes, 1/8" size
Tail:Black rabbit strip
Body:Estaz or cactus chenille, purple or black
Beard:Mallard flank, dyed orange

1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach thread behind eye. Wrap to rear of shank in close wraps, then forward to one eye length behind eye.
3. Cut two beads from chain using wire cutters. Position on top of shank so they are crosswise and parallel to table. Use "figure eight" method and wraps around base of eyes to keep in place. Apply Super Glue or Zap-A-Gap to thread wraps. Wrap thread to rear of shank.
4. Measure hide part of rabbit strip to 1/8" longer than hook. Separate hair fibers at that point with bodkin. (wet hairs make it easier to handle). Cut across hide with natural grain of hairs angled to rear, measure hide from hook eye to rear of shank. Separate hair fibers at that point. Tie to top of shank with several wraps. Lift forward hide and make several wraps in front of hide.
5. Strip fibers off 1/4" of string core. Lift front rabbit strip and tie in strings. Wrap forward to eyes. Wrap chenille forward stroking fibers back with each wrap preventing crushing. Tie off. Cut excess. Turn fly upside down.
6. Stroke barbs away from stem, lining up tips. Pinch tips of about 20, then cut from stem. Lay on underside of shank, tips to rear, cut ends extending a little past hook eye. Tie in place with 3 wraps.
7. Bring hide of rabbit skin firmly forward. Snugly tie down behind eyes.
8. Advance thread in front of eyes and make about 10 wraps. Whip finish. Cut thread. Super Glue or Zap-A-Gap final thread wraps.

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