September 15th Surf Fishout
By Fishmaster Mark Traugott

We had a decent turnout for the September 15th Surf Fishout at New Brighton State Park Beach: seven rods in all, and a mix of old hands and new arrivals. The day was glorious, the weeds had abated somewhat, and the surf was moderate. There was a lot of bird action, but too far offshore to be of much use to us. The catch was meager, with one great exception. Mike Ferranaci and Phil Kowal took one perch each and Mark Traugott caught two, all on Sam Bishop's red-and-orange beadhead fly. But Robert Eberle, who was effectively fishing his home waters, showed us how it's done. He landed five striped bass, the last of which was well beyond "keeper" size. He definitely has the technique dialed in and needs to teach a master class to bring the rest of us up to speed.

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