Monthly Raffle

October Trick or Treat
By Monthly Raffle Director Jeff Goyert

Door Prize - YETI - Door Prize

Yes, we will be having a Yeti door prize this month that will be - get this - full of goodies! Everybody gets a free ticket, and yes, you need to be present to win. Don't be a whiner, be a winner!
Speaking of winners, we are again going to have a winner's choice raffle for a really nice rod/reel package; your choice of a 9- foot four-piece fast action rod with cloth case and hard tube along with an Avid machined aluminum alloy frame reel. The winner gets to pick between four different rigs, a 5 weight, a 6 weight, 7 weight or 8 weight. Just to sweeten the deal, each rod and reel will include a Real Gold floating line. Don't miss this one!
A couple of other raffle goodies will include a really nice two-sided snap lock "O" ring sealed split foam fly box and a mesh landing glove for quick handling and release of our finned friends.
Ezee Pezee - buy a ticket or a few, and win a great prize!

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