I Want You!
By President Tom Hogye

Yeah, you! Yep, you know who you are. Nothing to do but work, or not work? You're kinda bored 'cause you're fishing a lot, but it's pretty much the same old thing, isn't it? Waders, check. Flies, rod, new line, vest, net, check, check, check. Flight, gas in the truck, check.
But when you get home, what's next? Maybe you make a club meeting and share with a few friends, or post a few pictures on Facebook to people who "like" your photos, comment on the size of your catch, the scenery - but then what? Plan for another trip? Got to work? Repeat?
Maybe you kinda like participating in certain things, but you're not sure, if you make the commitment, will you do a good job, or will it be too much to do, too much to grasp?
I've been that way, most of my life. If anything, I have a tendency to overcommit to things. But what else would we do? Really.
Some of the most fun I've had is doing something new, not knowing exactly what I was going to do and just going for it. I remember so many times stepping into something (literally and figuratively) or being given a job, only to say: "What? I've never done that before. I don't know anything about 'computers' being a Conservation Chair, mountain bike racer, winner, husband, father - president of a fly fishing club? What?!!"
Back in 2000, I was driving home from a job I'd had for only a few months when the owner of the company called me to say I was going to run the computer portion of our business when I returned to work. I was like, "Uh, but I don't know anything about computers!" or that I would be that successful some 18 years later. Or when I was told I should race my mountain bike, I'd never raced a bike before, only to find out I could win. Or when someone said I was good with horses and I decided, at 20, to move from my comfy home in Ohio all the way to California with nothing but my Jeep, some clothes, and my bicycle! I would tell people I was never good at anything other than being a "good boy." Then I won and was more surprised than anyone. Or in 1993, when I was asking about steelhead and Kathy Powers said, "you should be the Conservation Chair." When I said I didn't know how to do that, or what to do, she said, "I'll help you hold the reins."

When the kids came into the world, a whole 'nuther level of what to do we never did before came from that. Yeah, you read that right! But we made it work. Proof miracles do happen. We figured out then had backpacks to put kids, diapers, and bottles in and we could still fly fish and hike with the kids happily bouncing along on my shoulders. We just bought a bigger tent so the crib would fit in it! A portable one!
With this present position, as you've heard me say it a few times, to call upon the youth of the world to be the next generation of SCFF. Oh, and you're never too old-ever-so don't go there with that. I'll prove it to you. And yes, SCFF (skiff) is in a position where we older, more seasoned board members are looking for new candidates we can share our enthusiasm with. For new candidates to bring and share their own ideas like we did-and still do. It's not hard and there is no pay, so little chance of being fired-but the rewards and many and exciting.
We are presently embarking on a number of events these coming months where the youth are coming and they will be learning to cast a fly rod, tie flies and care for our local waters. Yes, they are young, but there will be dozens of them, and if only a few really stick with it, or even just one-you will have had the opportunity to share fly fishing, fly tying, conservation, love of the outdoors and all things flitting, crawling, and dancing about these wild places we long to preserve and restore. There is no greater reward.
Look at every position the "Board" has to offer-pick one. Come to a board meeting, check it out. We're a fun bunch. We'll shadow, help you make it "yours", and watch this fun little club continue well into the future. We do need you. Specifically: Treasurer, Conservation, Annual Raffle Prize Gatherer, Casting Instructor - but really, every board member position would LOVE your help-yes, even the President. We all had to start somewhere! Talk to one of us. Ask questions. Take that first step.
You'll find yourself catching the fish of a lifetime-more often than you think, and you won't need a net.

Thank you for being you! No one does it better!

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